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Most experts agree that successful anti-bullying programs are ongoing, rather than one time, or short term interventions (TeachSafeSchools.org). Think of it this way: just as academic and intellectual skills are vital to success, personal and social competencies are also necessary to be successful, yet are rarely taught in school. Social competencies take time to develop and must be taught repetitively just like Math and English. Modeled after effective violence/bullying prevention and character education programs, our “All In” programs have been developed by a local licensed psychologist with over twenty years of experience working with children and their families. Our programs incorporate many of the components identified by best practices models. Ideally, all of the components would be integrated into the community at large. Yet, we have the ability to individualize our programs to meet the needs of very diverse populations.

Our programs incorporate the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Show Me Standards for Performance Goals 1-4. In our classroom programs we also address the DESE Grade Level Expectation for the following areas:

  • Communication Arts
  • Health Education
    • Social and Emotional Health
    • Health Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Information and Communication Technology and Literacy
Bullying Prevention
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Cyber Bullying Internet Safety Program
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Junior Board
Our Junior Board Members are involved in a wide range of activities designed to bring awareness and skills to the kids in our area...READ MORE
Parent Seminars
Parent workshops increase awareness about behavior that is considered to be bullying...READ MORE
Professional Development
At this time we have three one and a half hour seminars to offer education professionals...READ MORE
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Community Awareness
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School Based Mental Health
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