Buddies Not Bullies has many volunteer opportunities, where anyone in the community can find their place. Every volunteer aids Buddies Not Bullies in caring for the children of Franklin County and surrounding areas. Volunteers may consider the following areas of opportunity: Direct Service, Operations, Events, Marketing, and One-Time Service Project.

Depending upon program, volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Family Care Safety Registry
    • (Required for any adult volunteer who has contact with children in the community)
  • Clear background screen
    • (Required for any adult volunteer who has contact with children in the community)
  • Volunteers not 18 require Parent/Guardian Consent

Volunteer Coordinators:

Each area of opportunity is overseen by a volunteer coordinator. Each volunteer coordinator individually collaborates with the chair of their committee and contact and schedule volunteers for duties that need to be completed, brainstorm new ways to gain fresh volunteers, and are responsible for managing and acknowledging current volunteers.

Direct Service:  This group supports the direct service implementation of Buddies Not Bullies programs in the community. This group will be in direct contact with any clients or children.  Read More…

Operations:  This group of volunteers assists with informing the community about resources provided by Buddies Not Bullies. They may assist with finding advocacy opportunities, dispersing educational information about Buddies Not Bullies through various methods, and other operations as determined.  Read More…

Events:  This group of volunteers assists with events. Buddies Not Bullies is a non-profit agency which relies heavily on donations and grants. Events are a way to raise money and also educate others in the community about Buddies Not Bullies and its mission. Some events may include: fundraisers, open houses, and community outreach.  Read More…

Marketing:  This group of volunteers assist marketing chair when making decisions for graphic design, promoting, or networking.  Read More…

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